Thursday, December 21, 2006

M-Bag arrived!!!!!

I've been waiting for an M-bag to arrive from the States and at this point I was thinking it would probably arrive after Christmas or maybe only next year. The mail man took pity on me and today showed up at my doorstep with a huge box containing the following:

Anthology: The Brides of Christmas
Anthology: Christmas Keepsakes
Anthology: A Regency Christmas (1995)
Anthology: A Regency Christmas (1998)
Anthology: A Regency Christmas III
Anthology: A Regency Christmas IV
Anthology: A Regency Christmas VI
Anthology: A Regency Christmas Feast
Anthology: Regency Christmas Magic
Anton, Shari: At Her Service
Barbour, Anne: A Pressing Engagement
Brockway, Connie: As You Desire
Bronson, Maureen: Ragtime Dawn
Conrad, Linda: Between Strangers
Dodd, Christina: Almost Like Being in Love
Donovan, Susan: Take a Chance on Me
Gellis, Roberta: The English Heiress
Gellis, Roberta: A Tapestry of Dreams
Gracie, Anne: The Perfect Rake
Grayson, Elizabeth: Moon in The Water
Hern, Candice: Her Scandalous Affair
Howard, Linda: To Die For
James, Deana: Captive Angel
Jordan, Nicole: Wicked Fantasy
Kerstan, Lynn: Celia's Grand Passion / Lucy in Disguise
Kinsale, Laura: Hidden Heart
Lawrence, Ann: Do You Believe?
Leto, Julie Elizabeth: Up to No Good
Lowell, Elizabeth: The Color of Death
MacLean, Julianne: Love According to Lily
Michaels, Kasey: The Butler Did It
Moore, Margaret: Kiss Me Again
Potter, Patricia: Rainbow
Stuart, Anne: The Devil's Waltz
Stuart, Anne: Hidden Honor

I must say that some of them I don't remember anymore why I put them on my wish list. I'm usually pretty careful choosing books because of how expensive they are, specially when ordered from abroad, and so I only put on my to buy list books that are recommend to me by someone.

What do you think? Any good ones? Any stinkers? :-)


  1. Lots of good ones I think. How lucky you are. I am waiting for a big M-bag but I don't think it will arrive before X-mas.

  2. A very nice variety there, Ana! Of the ones I've read, none are stinkers, and some, like Brockway's As You Desire, are fantastic!

  3. A m-bag, getting one of those is always like Christmas day when you are a kid, so so timely! I have read very little of that list, hope all turns out good!

  4. To Die For made me laugh out loud more than once when I read it last year.


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