Sunday, January 21, 2007

Needle Case

My project of yesterday was to make a needle case. I had seen one in one of my mom's old books and decided to start from there and change it a bit as work progressed.

On the left you can see a photo of the book I got my design from. In the end I made it a bit larger and with a ribbon to close it. Here the top was just folded down and I always like to actually have a possibility of closing it. Either with a button, a ribbon or something else.

I know the picture is a bit dark, sorry about that...the others I took from the book were even worse :-(

This is my needle case closed.

And here it is open. I think it looks rather good considering it's only my second project but I'm partial in my evaluation so it doesn't count. :-)
I put 2 needles inside that I borrowed from my mom because I had none. Now you're asking: why make a needle case if you have no needles?
Well I've been trying to chose easy projects that I can start and finish in one day. I'm worried I'll start a difficult one and it'll take me forever to finish it.
So now I have 2 options, start using the needles or give this to someone :-)

These photos look much better than the first one but they were taken at the same time and in the same place.


  1. It´s looking nice, congratulations! Is it a case for crochet hooks?

  2. Ooops I guess they're called hooks instead of needles :-(
    Actually the ones shown here are not for crochet, they are used to knit yarn as they are a bit larger than the usual crochet hook.


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