Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Buying magazines

I bought a new crafts magazine yesterday. I shouldn't have, I have enough magazines as it is but it's a strange compulsion that I seem to be unable to run away from.

The thing is I always buy them thinking of doing some of the projects pictured but in the end I seldom really do any. Sad isn't it? Not to mention the space all the magazines occupy. But I so love to open a brand new magazine and looking at all the beautiful photos inside... and maybe one of these days I'll actually start a project or two.

I have the same compulsion regarding books but those I find well worth it, no matter how many I buy sooner or later I know I'll read them...


  1. I am not too bad with craft magazines...my weakness is recipe magazines. I have loads of them....and I haven't even looked at many of them.

  2. I totally understand Marg, I don't buy magazines but I have quite a few recipe books although I hate to cook. Go figure... it's an addiction :-)


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