Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Additions to the TBR pile

Two more books this week. The Faulks was recommended by A. and the Starling by A.. I'm looking forward to start both as soon as I go through my Christmas TBR.

Sebastian Faulks - Charlotte Gray
Boris Starling - Messiah


  1. If you don't like them, are you going to kick us?:P
    I'm sending you the Charlotte Gray movie, so maybe it's better to read the book first.

  2. Now how can you ask that? I'm such a nice, peaceful,well behaved girl... well I do have those "little train" accidents but it's seldom nowadays I swear! (although there might be exceptions for old rude men with walking sticks ;-P)

  3. The Messiah is a great book. If you don't like it, there must be something wrong with you :oP

  4. Hey, are you trying to intimidate me?? :-P

    I'll let you all know in January ih ih

  5. See? I told you it was a good recommendation, at least I have someone else backing me up! ;-)

  6. lol yes you do but you know I trust your recommendations right? ;-)


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