Monday, March 10, 2008

Cherry Cheesecake Murder - Joanne Fluke

Another story in the Joanne Fluke's culinary mysteries series that I've been enjoying. I had been a bit disappointed in the latest entries but I'm happy to say I found this one a very enjoyable read.

Hannah Swensen and her bakery, The Cookie Jar, bask in the glow of Hollywood glamour when Main Street becomes a movie set. And although tensions simmer as the cameras roll, no one expects the action to turn deadly...until it's too late...There's no such thing as privacy in Lake Eden, but Hannah never thought things would go this far. Everyone has been telling her what to do ever since she got not one but two marriage proposals. The votes are evenly divided between Detective Mike Kingston and town dentist Norman Rhodes.

One of the high points was that the Mike/Hannah/Norman triangle was not much in evidence. After they both propose to her in the last book this story begins with half the town phoning Hannah and telling her who she should pick. That was weird and ridiculous instead of funny but fortunately Hannah solves that problem by telling them she will choose in her own good time and not be pushed into a decision! Go Hannah!

Another good thing was the mystery itself. A Hollywood crew decides to shoot a movie in town. The whole town is recruited to help or take part in the movie and Hannah even finds some old college friends among them. I really liked the interaction between all these people and how Hannah dealt with her friends, one of them comes as bit of competition form Mike and Norman but since it wasn't a big of the story I thought it was ok. But soon the movie director shoots himself while rehearsing a scene and Hannah decides to investigate. He wasn't exactly the most beloved person on set but nobody seemed to have an outright motive to do him in. There weren't many clues but the mystery solution was nice and cosy as usual in this type of story, I did not guess the culprit and while it wasn't totally surprising it was a tidy and light solution.

Bakers will probably enjoy all the cookie's recipes the book has to offer.

Grade: B


  1. You graded this one higher than I did! There were a few things which drove me nuts in this one!

    Having said that, Key Lime Pie Murder just came out in paperback and I will be ordering it!

  2. Oh now I'm curious! What drove you nuts?

  3. The relationship and a couple of other things!

    Full details here

  4. Just read your review! I considered mentioning Tracey, yes I think she is always described as the best and more intelligent little girl ever and that's too much. The rest didn't really bother me... about Moishe I think where she goes over the top with it is that she describes him almost like another human being who can think and talk but since it's that way from book 1 I just skim through those...


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