Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Additions to the TBR pile

Quite a few more again including a HP book. I'm going to try the Harry Potter books in english after having read a couple in portuguese.
Karen Harper - The Poyson Garden
Georgette Heyer - Black Sheep
Georgette Heyer - Venetia
Georgette Heyer - Frederica
Georgette Heyer - Friday's Child
Theresa Nichols - Sunburst Citadel
J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone
Asne Seierstad - The Bookseller of Kabul
Sue Townsend - The Queen and I


  1. I bought Venetia well over a year ago, and still haven't managed to read it!

  2. You'll be adding more to your pile this week! :-P

  3. Hmm I wonder how you know that??


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