Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Additions to The TBR Pile

Although I did read a lot in the past 3 weeks I also received a lot of books. Looking at this list I even think I added more books to the TBR pile than removed from it. Not very well done since I wanted to bring the pile lower...

Jo Beverley - A Lady's Secret
Elizabeth Chadwick - A Place Beyond Courage
Charles Dickens - Bleak House
Ariana Franklin - Mistress of The Art of Death
Stephen Fry - Making History
Blythe Gifford - Innocence Unveiled
Jane Graves - Tall Tales and Wedding Veils
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - The Dark Rose
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - The Princeling
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - The Black Pearl
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - The Oak Apple
Kay Hooper - Stealing Shadows
Sandra Heath - A Christmas Courtship
Carla Kelly - Miss Chartley's Guided Tour
Carla Kelly - With This Ring
Carla Kelly - Reforming Lord Ragsdale
Elizabeth Mansfield - A Grand Deception
Jude Morgan - An Accomplished Woman
Karin Slaughter - Indelible
Karin Slaughter - Faithless
Michelle Styles - A Christmas Wedding Wager
CL Wilson - Lord of The Fading Lands


  1. A Chadwick and a Franklin - very nice!

  2. I've only read CL Wilson - Lord of The Fading Lands and loved it :-)

  3. I enjoyed it too but I didn't love it as much as the Vaughan or the Singh ones. (for one who didn't like the whole fantasy, shapeshifter genre I seem to be advertizing these two a lot lately...)

  4. I think Vaughan is different. I don't think I can compare the two :-)
    As to Singh, I haven't read any.

  5. Really? Because I think of them both as fantasy and with a story that is told in several books.

    Singh is indeed different, it more about shapeshifters and paranormal than fantasy. But I highly recomend them ;-)

    And have you read Feehan yet?

  6. Yah! They're both series and fantasy, but IMO the worlds described are completly different.
    And no, I haven't read Feehan :( That's also on my wish list, which is very, very long. As is also my TBR pile :-p


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