Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Lost Legacy - Vanessa Gray


A chill went through Miss Jessamine Dalton when she heard the name Sir Ivor Bellamy. Memories stirred o f the time when she had fancied herself desperately in love with this incredibly handsome and extravagantly wealthy lord--before his arrogance gave her pride no choice but to break off the match.

Now Sir Ivor Bellamy was entering her life again--to claim as his legacy, the great country estate that was the Dalton family's last refuge against ruin.

Somehow Jessamine had to best this man who had everything in his favor--including the power to rekindle the flames o f past folly and to melt a heart that had already betrayed Jessamine once...

I got this book because it had a “second chance at love” theme. I have to begin by saying that I was very disappointed in it. After being 4 years apart it seemed odd that the hero devises a plan to get the heroine back as if they had just met a week or two ago. Since they split with harsh words being exchanged it seemed to me that they would at first be uncomfortable around each other and then have to spend some time speaking of past actions and healing the rift. Instead they are thrown into a gothic mystery with ghosts and furniture appearing and disappearing, this could be the backdrop for them to engage in a common investigation, spending more time together they could have talked of what separated them and heal but not only that doesn’t happen as in the beginning the heroine suspects that the hero is the one behind the odd events.

There was never a feeling of an attraction existing between those two and another thing is that heroine wasn’t really a likeable person and I couldn’t see how the hero would spend 4 years mooning over her. The name of the book refers to a lost treasure of the family and at some point I thought that secondary storyline would be more interesting than that of the main couple but in the end it’s also not explained clearly who was doing what and why.

These type of stories usually have a lot of angst because there is a past relationship to work through, so bad feelings and possible misunderstandings to explain and heal but here all those emotions were absent and I really couldn’t care less whether they ended together or not.

Grade: 2/5

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