Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Additions To The TBR Pile

Between Christmas gifts and a book from Bookmooch I feel that it is Christmas already...


  1. Ana, enjoy the new books. :D It is a lot like Christmas getting new books! lol

  2. New books always make me feel like Christmas, too! The funny thing is that nobody gives me books any more, because I read too much.... so I have to treat myself, right?
    I see that you have Sylvester, one of my favourite Heyers! I also liked the Talisman Ring very much indeed although I gave away the Heyer biography as I thought it was a bit too reverent.... I am looking forward to reading your take already! Best wishes from wintery Austria, LizA

  3. Lovely presents! Enjoy reading them! Lydia Bennet's story? That title intrigues me (off to see if my library has it).


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