Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm back!!

I'm back!! Time flew by and I suddenly realised that I spent a month and a half away from the computer. Now I am back behind my desk and writing again. I had every intention of coming back sooner but sometimes real life presents us with some surprises. Mine has been a bit surprising and very challenging these past few weeks and I am not sure I'll be such a regular blogger in the future...

Still...  I managed to read quite a few books and I'll post the reviews in the next few days. I revisited some of my Agatha Christie books and once again I really enjoyed them, I have to say Christie is definitely one of my comfort authors. Another one is Mary Balogh, especially her older traditional regencies. I also finished one of the challenges I was involved in and I'll post my wrap up soon.

Other than that we spent a few days relaxing by the pool and enjoying the nature at Unhais da Serra. Highly recommended if you want to get away from the stress of civilization! Some of our photos below:


  1. It's good to have you back, Ana! I was so used to read your blog everyday that I felt a little bit lost this last month and a half.;-) *hug*

  2. Oh and I love Unhais-da-Serra! A few years ago, I lived and work not very far from there and while it was freezing during winter (never had so cold in my life), I had the chance to admire some amazing landscapes all year long. It was stunning!

  3. Thank you Alex!

    Oh you lucky girl! We loved it there, and there is still this small town atmosphere that is really nice. We plan to go back some time. :-)

  4. Welcome back Ana! Sounds like a lovely trip. Thanks for the photos!


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