Monday, October 15, 2012

Tempt Me at Twilight - Lisa Kleypas

Engaged to the very sensible Michael Bayning, Poppy Hathaway is content with her lot - having longed for a life of normality. That is, until she encounters a mysterious hotel owner, Harry Rutledge - the most complicated and dangerous man she has ever met.
Harry is wealthy and powerful, a collector of secrets, with hobbies more dangerous than Poppy could imagine. What Harry wants, Harry gets - and Harry wants Poppy like he has never wanted a woman in his life.
So when Michael breaks off their engagement and Harry makes his move, Poppy quickly learns that her life is destined to be anything but normal - filled with sensuous days and wild, passionate nights ...

After having finished Seduce me at Sunrise I was especially curious about Leo's book but since I prefer to read books in order I decided to pick up this Temp Me at Twilight first.

This is Poppy Hathaway's story. I have to admit I didn't exactly pay much attention to Poppy and Beatrix in the previous books but Kleypas certainly starts this one with an attention grabbing scene. As soon as we meet Harry Rutledge I knew we were going to have one of her cynic self made men who are ruthless in their pursuit of the heroine and end up being redeemed by love. Harry's actions reminded me a bit of the previous book I've read - Sherry Thomas's Private Arrangements - but that is where the similarity stops. 

As soon as Harry meets Poppy he is determined to have her. If he has to take matters in hand in an unusual way and end her engagement to accomplish it so be it. But while may have agreed to marry him her heart is not engaged and they have a rocky start when she discovers his questionable actions. Her anger towards him is apparent but despite that she is decided to make her marriage work.

I thought interesting that while Poppy gets to know Harry better, through his own actions and what the hotel employees tell, and her anger starts to fade; he never really acknowledges that he did something wrong. In his eyes Poppy and Bayning were totally wrong for each other and the man who wanted her more won. It does help that eventually the reader gets to the exact same conclusion.

I really enjoyed the appearances of the other members of the Hathaway family. Again, it was Leo who picked my interest and I can't wait to read his book which is the next in the series. I was curious about another secondary character, Harry's valet Jake Valentine but he doesn't seem to make appearances in the other books.

This one was a very enjoyable  read with a trademark Kleypas hero!

Grade: 4/5

Ps. Don't you think that this is a beautiful cover? And yes, Poppy does read books so it is entirely appropriate!


  1. Harry definitely fits my idea of a trademark Kleypas hero!

  2. I wish she would write more stories with this type of hero ;-)

  3. By the way Marg have you read her contemporaries yet? I've been hesitant to try them...

    1. I have read her contemporaries, with mixed results really. I do hope that she eventually goes back to writing historicals.


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