Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday reading recommendations needed!

The holiday season is fast approaching and as usual I'm looking forward to some Christmas themed reading. There's a list of HF at Historical Tapestry and I've been checking it out but I wouldn't mind trying other genres, namely romances, as I'm in the mood for some lighthearted and funny reads. I used to love Christmas themed traditional regencies but haven't read those in a while... maybe I'll see if I find any... But I am looking forward to other genres as well so if you have any good recommendations please do share them...

I used to do a lot of Christmas related posts in the past but last year I was too busy and I didn't really do anything. This year I am looking forward to see if I can maintain a steady number of posts about Christmas. I'm going to try and join the Virtual Advent Calendar, the Pinterest Challenge and I committed myself to do a Christmas ornament. I'm especially looking forward to that one because I want the twins to have happy memories of Christmas but without all the commercial aspect, I would rather start them on a tradition of handmade ornaments and gifts. If you have any DIY suggestions I would love to know about them too. I have also been entertaining the thought of an alternative Christmas tree. I don't think our usual tree would stay up for long with two 20 month old boys trying to play with it.

If I manage to accomplish all this I will definitely be posting about it!

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