Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What I've Been Watching - Midsomer Murders

One of my aunts really enjoys this series and although she has tried to get me to watch it in the past I was always deterred by the fact that each episode is about 2 hours. Since I'm always on the run and watch TV mainly while I'm doing house work or otherwise occupied I usually watch shows that last for an hour tops. But I've been having more free time and one of these days I decided to sit down and watch an entire episode.

I loved it! It felt a bit like a Miss Marple mystery (that I do so love) because it is set in the British countryside -  Albeit a fictional one - and there are plenty of senior citizens around, often with major knowledge of human nature or at least the latest gossip, thus leading DCI Tom Barnaby in the right direction to successfully find the murderers.

The plots of this "whodunit" TV series deal mostly with the way of life of the small villages that populate the fictional Midsomer County. It's mostly a rural setting and the landscapes and buildings are truly enchanting. Exactly the place where any nature lover would like to live except for the fact that is does seem to have such a high crime rate. :-)

There are several reruns on TV at the moment and I've been watching episodes of the first 6 series but the TV show is still growing strong in the UK with season 17 set to air in December 2014.

The main characters are DCI Tom Barnaby and his Sergeant, Troy but Barnaby's family is also prominently featured in every episode.

I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys cosy British mysteries!

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