Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lazarus Rising - Anne Stuart

Anne Stuart has a huge backlist and some of her earlier titles are impossible to find ... or they are too expensive... luckily I've been finding some of them through friends who don't mind loaning me their copies :-)

Today I read Lazarus Rising. I've been sitting here for the last 2 hours trying to decide what to make of it. The story has the usual Anne Stuart intensity and I really could not put it down but the chracters are not exactly likeable material.

The heroine starts out has terribly naive and reckless but intead of being irritated I actually felt sorry for her. The fact that she spent 10 years mourning a lost love sounds terribly unreal though.

The hero wasn't bad, I mean he was a bad boy but nothing as tortured and scarred as her latest male characters.I don't think she fully explained why he left the heroine in the first place. From how he reacts when meeting her again it almost sounds like he had amnesia but that is never said.

The thing is that after 10 years the heroine hasn't recovered from a 3 day romance. And when they meet again they don't spend time getting to know each other again. Things were not resolved, there were no explanations, just accusations that never really had an answer. I needed more psycological development before the happily ever after!
Because of that I give it a C+.

After reading it I went to the author's website just to see if she had some info about it and I found this:
I love all my work (well, maybe there are a few that could happily disappear forever, like Demonwood or Lazarus Rising) but mainly I just love my books. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t write.

Interesting, no?
Btw this is the cover of the 1996 edition and I read the 1991 one but I couldn't find a picture online.

I still have Crazy Like a Fox in the TBR and I will pick it up soon :-)

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  1. LOL on her comment! I think you'll like Crazy Like a Fox better.


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