Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pin Cushion

I started a new crafty project this morning. I was hoping I would be able to finish at least some of the sewing so I could post it here but I think I'll wait till it's finished.

Instead, today, I decided to share a pic of something I sewed by hand, in my pre-sewing machine days :-) It's a pin cushion although I mostly stick needles in it so it should actually be a needle cushion I guess.

It was made with some fabric scraps and it is definitely not a perfect job but I like it so much I'll just have to make a new one with the same design one of these days. It seems to me now felt would have been easier to work with and would be prettier to look at so maybe the next one will be like that.

I included some lavender in the stuffing so it always smells good when I'm using it!

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