Friday, April 27, 2007

Books & Inspiration

I have been very lazy lately in what concerns my other hobby – sewing! The only thing I’ve done is raising hems on L.’s pants usually after he starts dragging them on the floor. Well to gain some inspiration and because I love bags I ordered a new book (shown in the picture) that I hope will make me run to the sewing machine. It seems to have great ideas and I’m looking forward to get it in the mail.

In the mean time I’ve been browsing some blogs and finding beautiful things like these and these. If you’re as bag crazy as I am I’m sure you’ll love them! Oh, and if you have any inspiring links to share I would love to find new sites to visit!


  1. Have you visited yet? She makes beautiful things!

  2. Have you visited yet? She makes beautiful things!
    I don't know what went wrong in the previous post!

  3. I'm almost certainly doing something wrong and I don't know what it is, so here's the link, instead of using a tag:
    She makes beautiful stuff!

  4. Oh yes, she also has some beautiful bags :-) and book covers, love her book covers!!!

    Do you also have a crafty side? ;-)

  5. No, not really, I'm useless at anything crafty, always have been. I'd love to be able to do something but alas I'm a disappointment in that area! ;-)

  6. Well I'm sure you're talented in other areas!! :-)
    I just came from the mail box and there it was, I'm going to spend the evening looking at it!


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