Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Do You Believe? - Ann Lawrence

I had this book in my tbr for a while, I put it on my wish list right after reading her medievals which I enjoyed, especially Lord of The Keep. This book was about evil and that seemed like an interesting start for a thriller even if it was a paranormal and those are not among my favourite reading subgenres.

Rosie´s sister is missing, the only clue she has is a packet of papers including a book by famous fiction author V F Drummond who lives in the same village her sister disappeared in. At the end of that book there is a question, do you believe in evil? And Joan(the sister) wrote: I believe !

This could have been a really interesting story but in the end it didn’t work for me. It’s sort of a cozy without the cozyness, a little village where everyone is familiar with everyone else but where most people seem a bit twisted and dangerous.

There are too many things happening at the same time: they try to follow Joan’s footsteps, to discover the source of the paranormal events, Rosie and Vic’s relationship, the church and young people some characters kept talking about, why some people were influenced to evil actions... Things were not naturally interwoven and to make it worst it dragged a bit in the middle, the action seemed like slow moving to me, in a thriller or at least a suspense novel I prefer to have fast paced action.

I was unsatisfied with the conclusion, who really murdered Joan and why, the same for the young priest, where did evil came from and why... There were just too many loose ends to make it work, a C.

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