Friday, June 1, 2007

Midnight Bayou - Nora Roberts

I read this book in portuguese because it was offered as a bookring and since I had never found this one before I decided to try it. It was not a good thing, either the translation was sloppy or somethings just don't translate well.

Despite that I did enjoy the story and "the story inside the story". There's something really attractive to me in the idea of someone getting a house almost in ruins and decide to renovate it completely. If said house is in New Orleans and habitated by ghosts my interest just grows. So I very much enjoyed Declan and what he was trying to do, I also like Lena but I think Declan has center stage in this story. He is almost too good to be true. The story becomes more intense as they get involved with each other and the ghosts seem to take over.That final twist that heals what happened in the past is pretty interesting and original.

My one complain is about the setting, I would like to hear and know more about New Orleans, both contemporary and in the past. A B.

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