Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sugar Cookie Murder - Joanne Fluke

Well this book is more of a novella than a full lenght book. It looks like a regular paperback but half of it is recipes.

I was looking forward to it because I love stories set during the Christmas season however this book was a disappointment.

The story is set in December when the whole town is getting ready to celebrate Christmas with a potluck dinner. The latest gossip going around is that Martin Dubinsky will bring his new wife, a Las Vegas show girl, to the event much to the unhappiness of his mother and ex-wife. As everyone is attending the dinner at the Lake Eden’s Community Centre Hannah discovers the body of the newest Dubinsky wife dead in the parking lot.

This doesn’t sound so bad but the truth is that the mystery was a bit rushed and without interest. We soon discover that there was more to the victim than it seemed initially but the truth is that none of that is used and the final solution seemed just like the easiest solution for a happy ending. Even with just a novella, which I didn't know it was when I bought it, I would have prefered a true mystery.

Also Mike’s attitude toward Hannah and the tension between the love triangle is getting a bit dated. It was fun in the beginning but not anymore.
A C.

On the bright side I really like this cover, it’s so christmasy!


  1. Your thoughts pretty much echo my own when I read this book:

  2. Just read your comments and agree 100% :-)
    I read Peach Cobbler this week and I'm afraid it wasn't a winner also!

  3. I am reading Cherry Cheesecake Murder at the moment and I don't think that is much better's disappointing because the early books in the series were a lot of fun.

  4. I was thinking of buying that one but now I guess I'll just wait for it to appear on bookmooch. Doesn't she choose between Norman and Mike? I thought from the sneak peak at the end of Peach Cobbler that we would finally have that solved.

  5. Pretty much what I thought too.
    The whole Mike-Norman situation is not resolve at all at the end of Peach. I have the next one in my to read pile and I'm not at all incline to start it since it doesn't seem like it will bring a solution to the problem.


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