Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Additions to the TBR pile

Anne Perry - The Cater Street Hangman
Victoria Laurie - Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye
Kate Collins - Mum's The Word
Meagan McKinney - Moonlight Becomes Her
Karen Rose - Don't Tell
Teresa Medeiros - The Vampire Who Loved Me
Eloisa James - Desperate Duchesses
Diane Gaston - Innocence and Impropriety
Lynn Viehl - Private Demon

Although I usually stay away from vampires both Medeiros and Viehl got me curious with the first books in their series and I decided to pick up the second one.

Most of this books are part of a series so if they're any good I guess I'll have to update my series listing soon!


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  2. Viehl is one of my favorite paranormal writers, Ana. I love her style! Currently, I'm even searching for all her sci-fi series. A friend of mine, also a big fan of Viehl, told me they were really good and, as always, I couldn't resist. I have Night Lost in my TBR but I'm saving it for a good day.;-)

    Do you like the Psychic Eye mysteries? I have several but I never read them...

    Btw, I'm starting a new paranormal serie (Ophelia and Abby Mysteries) and thought you might be interested:

    Maybe you already know it but if not, there's no vampires until now only witches.:)

  3. I'll be looking forward to your comments on Night Lost then.

    This will be my first Psychic Eye mystery, I picked it up because it's to be Book of the Month on one of my groups.

    I'll check that link, witches might be interesting ;-)

  4. I too am waiting for Mum's the Word from Bookmooch, but it's probably on a snail or something as it's coming from the US.

    Because of your comments, I have some more authors to check out! :-p

  5. Ana V. I think you are going to like Viehl. Unfortunately, I traded all my copies, something I'm regretting now.

    About the Witches, if any of you is interested, I have the 3 or 4 first books.

    Hmm... I have to check Mum's the Word.;-)

  6. Well you girls also help raise my wish list quite a bit lol

  7. And have you read any of the Witches books, Oriana? Are they good?

  8. I'm reading Witch Way to Murder (book 1 on the serie) and so far so good, Ana.:)

  9. Seems interesting Oriana, I'll be looking forward to your comments when you finish :-)

  10. Me too! :-)
    Good thing I have plenty of free space for more in my new home. *g*


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