Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Trading Site Closed

I had an old Geocities site where I posted my trade and wish lists. I'm finding Bookmooch so much more easy to use - because besides being automatically available for all Bookmoochers it also allows me to show an updated list to non moochers - that I decided to close the geocities site. I already removed it from the list on the left of this blog so if you want to check the books I want to get rid of or the ones I'm looking for just look at my Bookmooch account.


  1. I did the same, it's so much easier and with one click you have it on amazon :-)

  2. I would rather say Bookmooch addicts, I think.;-)
    I've done the same, Ana. Like you said it's so much easier to keep up with our inventory and wishlist.

  3. ;-)
    And it's automatically available to a bigger group of people, you don't have to keep mentioning you added new books or sharing the link...

  4. Let us be honest. Bookmooch is the best thing invented since god gave us eyes to read!


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