Friday, September 21, 2007

My newest addiction...

I have to face it! I have a new addiction besides books...and it only took a few days to get me hooked! But let me excuse myself by saying this is all A.'s fault! Yep believe it or not she made me start watching these TV series, these wonderful period dramas and it just seems I can't get enough of them. I can't thank her enough!! I'm afraid this week even my book addiction has suffered and I haven't read as much as I use too... Since I can't talk about books here are some examples of why I'm hooked:

and the one that started it all for me...

Oh, and whoever invented You Tube deserves an award!! (of course they probably have several already!)


  1. LOL It's so good to share our addictions with our friends. Don't you agree?;-)
    Did you noticed the number of videos and tributes to Pride & Prejudice, North & South and Jane Eyre? We are not the only ones obsessed...;-) Did you had time to see Jane?
    At least I know what I'm going to see this weekend - P&P. With all these new series and movies I have barely the time to see it again.

  2. Oh yes I have to agree!!! and no we're not!! LOL I guess there's something really fascinating about love stories that start with misunderstandings and make people mature and change before finding true love.
    Not yet I'm afraid, I got side tracked watching the videos on You Tube, but I will soon. I can't wait to see the rest of the story so I can't postpone it till I come back :-)


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