Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cry For The Moon - Anne Stuart

Another winner!!!

Cry for the Moon, has widowed Marielle Brandt moving into an apartment house with her small child. Her husband was into big debt for his death and this is the only piece of property left to her. She arrived to find the place like something out of the Adam's Family, nearly falling down and the only thing that is keeping it running is Simon Zebriskie, who has taken on protecting the oddball inhabitants of the ancient building. It is haunted, has the weird crew of misfits, yet Marielle finds Simon and the Adam's Family mansion, her new home and is strangely charmed by it all. As great tribute to the Old Dark House!!

Cry For the Moon has some gothic elements - haunted old house, weird residents - but somehow the atmosphere is much lighter. Both Marielle and Simon are interesting characters on their own and it's fun to read their thoughts to themselves regarding each other. Simon fights his attraction to Marielle and fgoes to the point of trying to set her up on a date with someone else.

All the residents in the building are some sort of social misfits and they make a nice set of secondary characters along with Marielle's two kids. The mystery was also well done, I at least had no ideia who was behind the problems, but what took center stage for me was the relationships that developed between all of them. All described in a quite funny, feel good way and I was charmed by it all.

Grade: B


  1. Tu andas muito Anne Stuart estes ultimos tempos.;-) Não me digas que ainda não leste o Ice Blue?!!

  2. Confesso, ainda não li!! Mas em breve lhe pego ;-)


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