Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Regency Christmas IV - Anthology

Another Signet Christmas Anthology with some really nice stories.

In Mary Jo Putney's THE CHRISTMAS TART a young lady in distress is confused with a woman of ill repute by the friend's of the hero who decide to make her present for him. He realises the truth, decides to help her and soon they are falling in love. Nothing new here but the characters are so nice that I can't help enjoying it. A B

In Sandra Heath's A SEASONAL STRATAGEM two gentleman wager that one of them will manage to seduce and get a kiss from a young lady. The gentleman in question does fall in love with the lady but she finds out about the wager and doesn't believe him. It was nice to see him go after her and win her back. A B+

In Mary Balogh,'s THE PORCELAIN MADONNAa gentleman has decided not to celebrate Christmas due to some tragedies in his past but discovering a young boy stealing to feed his family and a young lady who asks him not to punish the boy will lead him to rediscover the magic of Christmas again. A truly enjoyable story. A B+

In Marjorie Farrell,'s CHRISTMAS ROSE a couple that has no children is given a baby to take care of by it's mother. I wasn't too fond of this story because I didn't feel the reasons of the mother were good enough to give the child away. I would have preferred if the child was simply found alone. Then the distrust of the heroine appeared to me as just a way to extend the story more. A C.

In Emma Lange's THE BEST GIFT OF ALL a marriage of convenience becomes something more during the Christmas season. This was a nice enough story but a bit predictable as the hero first believes the heroine just married him for his title and then changes his feelings when he discovers it might not be so. An ex mistress also brings some misunderstandings to thicken the plot. A C+.

Grade: B

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