Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cataloguing and Organising Books

This is something I've been thinking about for a while now. When I started having too many books to remember them all I started writing them down in an excel spreasheet (courtesy of Rosario). Later and because it was easier to have a link to send whenever I wanted to show my books I started a page on Librarything and now I discovered I can do much more at Goodreads. Although I know there are more sites out there I think I'll stop with this one.

It allows me to mark books to be read, currently reading, traded or whatever else I choose. Then I can post my reviews and read the reviews of other readers and finally I can have my network of friends to easily check their bookshelves and see what they are reading. If you want to check the books I have, read, traded etc go here: Goodreads

I wanted to post the link sooner but then decided to add some books first and ended up not posting it till now. I have more books to add so you can consider this a work in progress!


  1. I just use Excel, been using it since 2000, and it works for me. I better keep it secret though, i remember some idiots once making fun of me for the geekiness of it (or something!). I am considering google spreadsheets now, so it´s multiplatform ;) Geek, moi? yep, proud of it.

  2. I haven't given up on the Excel sheet although my use for her was more to list the books I read each year. I had another one to list all the books but I must admit that lately it was sadly out of date...

  3. After a long search for the "perfect" tool, I finally use anobii.com where I can register information I can't on Goodreads, but I prefer the Goodreads' widget ;-)
    I'm looking at the development of a French book platform : babelio.com but it still lacks a lot of tools.
    I've never been able to manage an excel sheet though.


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