Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

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Well this is really not about St Valentine's Day so much as I think every day is a good day to show your other half that you love them. Nonetheless I couldn't resist buying a gift for today (I love to give my other half gifts and do it all the time...)

But being Valentine's Day got me thinking that I've read lots and lots of Christmas stories but I never read a Valentine's Day one, the reason the 2 are linked in my mind is that Signet published over several years some of the best Christmas stories ever in the form of anthologies and in the same collection (and sometimes with the same author), were published several Valentine's Day anthologies. I was never curious enough to look for those (all out of print and hard to find nowadays) but that is going to change. I'm in the mood for some Valentine's Day stories! Any recommendations?

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