Friday, June 27, 2008

Folly's Reward - Jean R. Ewing

Miss Prudence Drake, sensible Scottish governess, is appalled to find a handsome stranger washed up on the beach-especially when she must flee to England to escape a child's wicked guardian. The silver-tongued rogue claims to have lost his identity, but he hasn't lost his charm. Is he a careless rake, a French spy, or someone quite different? When this nameless aristocrat helps her escape-pursued by dangerous enemies-Prudence will face a perilous adventure in more ways than one. Can she trust a dark-haired stranger not to claim her innocent heart?

I thought this was an original story although in the beginning it may seem full of clichés: hero with amnesia, little boy on the run from evil guardian. In the end not all is what it seems and I thought the ending was quite surprising. Maybe not good enough to make me want to run and get all the others by the author but certainly a pleasant read. The book is part of a series but only at the end do recurring characters appear and it can be read as a stand alone.

Grade: C+

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