Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Soul Catcher - Alex Kava

When a Massachusetts standoff results in the deaths of five out of six young cult members holed up in a backwoods cabin, things are bad enough. But when a U.S. senators daughter is found murdered in Washington, D.C."and her death seems to be related to the cult and its charismatic leader, Rev. Joseph Everett"the situation really heats up for Maggie and her partner, R.J. Tully. The case hits particularly close to both partners homes, since Maggies former alcoholic mother has joined Everetts church and Tullys daughter was with the senators daughter on the night she was killed. Will Maggie be able to solve the case without endangering her own mother?

Book nº 3 in the Maggie O'Dell series I really enjoyed this new story, more than I thought I would in fact because religious cults aren't really one of my favourite subjects.

In the beginning in seems there are 2 plots being developed - a preacher trying to convert people to his cult and a serial killer on the loose - but soon it seems that both may be connected. Maggie is busy investigating the crimes and trying to identify the serial killer and doesn't immediately realise her mother is involved with the cult. I was intrigued by the killings and had my suspicions about the murderer but only guesses it a few chapters before the end.

I think Maggie still has deep scars about her past and the book actually ends on a positive note as she and her mother may be prepared to speak about the past and make an effort and work in their relationship. I was surprised about not seeing more of Nick Morelly in the story after what we had in the previous books and I don't understand what is taking so long for her divorce to be final. I'm really curious about what's happening with Tully, Gwen and even Racine so I'll be picking up the next book soon.

Grade: B


  1. I remember asking you about this author back when I was visiting... it's mostly mystery, right? With very little romance?

  2. *Waiting for "someone" to send me the first one* :-P

  3. Ro,
    Yes it's mostly mystery, it's not a romantic suspense as this is an ongoing story and the characters don't have a happy ending at the end of each book.

    Ana O.
    The rest of the series is ready to be sent to you! Where's that nº1? ;-)

  4. Ana O., you wicked woman!!!:P
    I'm also waiting, the owner didn't send it yet... Sigh!

  5. E agora é que reparei ali na Araminhos a ajudar à festa... Ora, ora!

  6. A D. Araminhos é amiga! ;-)


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