Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Rogue's Seduction - Georgina Devon

Ten years ago Lillith, Lady de Lisle, was forced to stand up the man she loved at the altar in favor of a richer husband. Now a widow, she suddenly finds herself the target of her thwarted lover's revenge. In return for Lillith's cruel rejection of him, Jason Beaumair, Earl of Perth, planned to abduct and seduce the beautiful woman who'd haunted his dreams for so long. He'd certainly never fall for her again. But nothing can prepare him when their night of passion turns into an all-consuming desire….

I have been in the mood for a few “second chance at love” stories lately and that is why I picked up this one.

Jason is a very tortured and bitter hero. In the past, not only Lilith left him at the altar but he also suffered horribly at the hands of her brother. Now, since she is a widow, he is determined to get his revenge now and, maybe in a tiny bit of his heart, he hopes to make her love him again.

His bitterness leads him to do rash things however and he does abduct Lilith by force, which doesn’t endear him to her. This is a very intensive story because despite Jason being a very alpha male and somewhat abusive Lilith can’t help being has attracted to him as she was years before. She is, however, unable to face the accusations he throws at her and to believe the worst of her brother. After a few nights of passion, which, we realize was Jason’s attempt to win her back, they separate again.

While Jason reveals himself he is a lot more sensitive than his earlier actions show, Lilith seems to need to grow up a bit and see her family and especially her brother for what they really are. There is a lot of heartache and unhappiness here just because they are unable to discuss the past and put it to rest. Readers who like intense stories and occasionally overbearing heroes will love this one.
Grade: 4/5

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