Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hercule Poirot's Christmas

It's always wonderful to watch David Suchet play Hercule Poirot; we have enjoyed his acting so much that he has become THE Hercule Poirot for me. And this is a particularly nice adaptation where in addition to see him use his little grey cells to uncover the criminal we also get to watch glimpses of Poirot's humour.

The story begins 40 years before with Simeon Lee killing his partner in a mining business and then taking advantage of the woman who saves him from dying in the desert. The action then jumps to the 1930s, where Simeon Lee, now an old man, seems to feel an extreme pleasure in toying and tormenting his grown children. He is planning a family house party for Christmas and altering his will but fearing for his life invites Poirot to go and investigate under the pretence of spending Christmas with them. But soon, after everyone arrives, a loud crash and a scream are heard and Simeon Lee is found murdered in his locked bedroom.

Besides David Suchet one should also mention Philip Jackson, superb as usual as Chief Inspector Japp and Vernon Dobtcheff plays a particularly repellent Simeon Lee. The secondary cast plays a solid role as characters that hide their own secrets and have their own reasons for murder.

The settings are mostly Lee's house and everything seems perfect, from the atmosphere to the differences between the upstairs and downstairs people. Costumes and scenery have the usual BBC quality. Highly recommended for Agatha Christies fans and especially Hercule Poirot fans.

This review is an entry for the Period Drama Challenge I'm participating in.


  1. I love both Miss Marple and Poirot among Agatha Christie's detectives. This is perfect for next Christmas Holidays. Thanks, Ana!

  2. I love reading Agatha Christie's books but I have only watched Murder On The Orient Express. I might watch this one if I get a chance . Nice review

  3. Looks like this is not entirely faithful to the original book though. Simeon Lee is definitely not a murderer, but he was unfaithful to his wife, causing a lot of family problems


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