Sunday, October 23, 2011

Broken - Karin Slaughter

When the body of a young woman is discovered deep beneath the icy waters of Lake Grant, a note left under a rock by the shore points to suicide. But within minutes, it becomes clear that this is no suicide. It's a brutal, cold-blooded murder. All too soon former Grant County medical examiner Sara Linton - home for Thanksgiving after a long absence -- finds herself unwittingly drawn into the case. The chief suspect is desperate to see her but when she arrives at the local police station she is met with a horrifying sight -- he lies dead in his cell, the words 'Not me' scrawled across the walls. Something about his confession doesn't add up and deeply suspicious of the detective in charge, Lena Adams, Sara immediately calls the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Shortly afterwards, Special Agent Will Trent is brought in from his vacation to investigate. But he is immediately confronted with a wall of silence. Grant County is a close-knit community with loyalties and ties that run deep. And the only person who can tell the truth about what really happened is dead.

I love mystery and suspense, I don't mind blood and gore as long as it is a good story. Because of that Karin Slaughter has become one of my favourite writers. I've had little time to read these past few months but as soon as I got my hands on her latest books I knew I had to read them.

Broken is book 2 in the Georgia series. We meet Sara Linton and Will Trent again and they go back to Sara's hometown when a murder suspect asks to see her. I think it is a sign of Slaughter's skill that after so many murders she can still surprise me with the who's and the how's. A young girl found dead. A boy that was once Sara's patient is accused of the crime and repeatedly asks for her. He dies before that happens but Sara realises that he couldn't have been the murdered and that Grant County's Police Force seems to have changed, and not for the best, since Jeffrey was police chief.

Sara and Will start to investigate about what really happened. I loved Will's investigative methods but I have to say that Sara seemed more worried about finding a way to blame Lena. What they uncover is surprising...

However I think the story's biggest interest ends up being (spoiler alert, move of the mouse over the text if you want to read it) Sara and Lena's reunion after Jeffrey's death (this for those who have been reading this series) and Sara's relationship with Will. I really like Will, I want more of him in future books. It's kind of fun to see how awkward he and Sara are with each other. (spoilert alert) I think it's past time she accepts Jeffrey isn't there anymore but that she can be happy again and Will definitely has to get rid of Angie. She keeps using him and hurting him every time she shows up. I also really liked the scenes with Sara's mom and Will, she is one great lady!

Although in the end there's no big dramatic scene between Sara and Lena, and I don't think she is as bad as Sara paints her, I am undecided on whether she will be returning in future books or not. I'm curious about her future, and the company she keeps, but at the same time I am hoping that that side of the story has been put to rest and that we can continue in another direction.

After this it is no surprise that I had to start Fallen next, is it?

Grade: 4/5


  1. Olha que um "spoiler alert" aqui para quem ainda não leu a outra série toda tinha dado jeito, hem???

  2. Oooops sorry about that :-S I'll take care of it now...


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