Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Index Updated

The index is finally updated with my latest reads (had to go back till April 2011...) and I created a separate index for favourite authors. These are basically authors that I enjoy so much that I plan to read and review (some titles I already read but haven't reviewed) their entire list of titles. In the future it is possible (and highly probable) that more names will be added to this list...

I will also be doing a backup of this blog in the next few days. I never did one and since there are so many reviews here already I don't want to risk losing them... and I have been toying with the idea of changing the template. I'm very used to the design I have... and I do love it immensely! But I'm starting to feel I need a change and that a lighter design would suit me better at this point in my life. So don't be surprised if you stop by one day and find something different.

The regular posting schedule will resume tomorrow...

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  1. Every now and again I contemplate a change! Good job with the index!

  2. Thanks Marg! Do you give in to that urge to change or do you resist? :-)

  3. Dear Ana, how would you go to make a backup on your blog? lol, I'm very clumsy with computer stuff, what I know I slowly learnt and still there are things I'm very "knowledge challenged" lol so...
    Thank you. :)

    1. Hi S.,
      Go to settings, other and then export blog and save the file on your computer ;-)

    2. Lol, hi. Ok, thank you...I haven't explored things that much you know...

      BTW, I'm almost finishing a book I'm sure you'd love! Have you tried Jude Morgan books'?

    3. Yes, I've read An Accomplished Woman. Which one are you reading?

    4. Ah ah it's that one! I figured it's a book you'd surely enjoy! Lol, did you like it? I've read Indiscretion as well, but this one is better in terms of plot. The dialogue, the sarcasm is still there but I liked this one better!

    5. I did, you can read my review here :-)


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