Sunday, July 22, 2012

What I've Been Watching - Death In Paradise

Ben Miller and Sara Martins
Portuguese actors with a main role in a foreign production are still a relatively uncommon occurrence. Besides Joaquim de Almeida and more recently Daniela Ruah I can't think of other such cases. Imagine my surprise when I saw a new series announced and the magazine mentioned a Portuguese actress in one of the main roles... I just couldn't resist watching the first episode!

It seems they got it wrong though as most sites mention  she is actually french but that she was born in Portugal and has a portuguese name. The actress is Sara Martins. And the TV series is BBC's Death in  Paradise. So far only 3 episodes have been aired here but I have to say I am really enjoying it. It's a detective series set in a fictional island in the Caribbean. A British detective is sent to work there and he definitely has trouble adjusting to island's temperature and life style. He definitely doesn't think he was sent to work in paradise. Sara Martins is a local sergeant who is his partner on the job. It has a rather cosy feel; I like the twists and turns in the investigations and of the bits of humour thrown in. I think Ben Miller does a really good job portraying the awkward but competent detective and he has good chemistry with Sara Martins. Looking forward to watch the rest of this series...



  1. I started watching this because of you and it's really great. Thanks !:D

  2. I'm so glad!! I'm watching episode 4 as I write this :-)


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