Monday, August 13, 2012

What I've Been Watching - House 8

It's been a couple of weeks since I watched the last episode of House... It was a show I followed faithfully every season and that I enjoyed very, very much. However, I have been thinking about this last season and, while I enjoyed it as a whole, I really missed having Cuddy around!

My favourite House team was the one from the beginning, with Cameron. I still enjoyed it when she left as the House/Cuddy and House/ Wilson relationships were as important and interesting as his relationship with his team and what kept me watching. In a way House was a sad figure who kept everyone at arms lenght except Cuddy and Wilson. No matter how brilliant the writing and acting this last series had one big problem - no Cuddy!

I wasn't totally convinced with the new addictions to the team but Foreman as Dean of Medicine wasn't that bad, at least not as bad as I thought it would be. I really liked that House came through for Wilson in the end. He was the one who helped him face everything, the good and the bad things, and the one who was always there even when House made fun of him. 

To be honest I think it was time to end the show and I'm glad that House and Wilson had that finale. I really enjoyed the Swan Song episode (not really an episode but if you've seen it you'll get my meaning) but, as with this season, I think Lisa Edelstein really needed to be there.

The DVD will be released later this month.

I need to fill the void that House is going to leave so if anyone has any recommendations of good Tv shows I would love to know about them. So far I'm thinking of following Body of Proof, The Chicago Code and Blue Bloods.


  1. Oh the pain when Cuddy left. She was my favorite TV character for many years and I felt very cheated with the circumstances around her leaving (don't get me started on the car crash...). I even wrote a blog post about it:

    Also felt she deserved to be there in Swan Song. Felt sure she would until House's ex-wife appeared.

  2. Cuddy definitely deserves a love song :-) I'm also sad that I never saw Lisa Edelstein in any other series, wouldn't mind seeing her doing something else.

    I see you also follow Castle. I'm a bit worried about how the Castle/Beckett relationship will be developed now that they got together...


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