Monday, March 24, 2014

Dirty Secrets - Karen Rose


For months Emma Townsend has avoided her old house, haunted by its memories of her dead husband. Finding the courage to sort through their possessions, she's astonished to find an old love letter from friend Chris Walker, and determines to make amends for the past. 
Chris, now a college professor, is trying to deal with the tragic death of a graduate student. Seeing Emma again brings back a flood of memories, re-kindling a long-lost passion. But with police investigating the student's death, Chris cannot act on his desires. 
But is it too late? Because now someone's watching Emma and Chris. Someone who's nursing revenge. And they are about to be plunged into a nightmare where no one can be trusted and every dirty little secret is sealed with a kiss.

Another short story by Karen Rose. I decided to read this one because I was planning to read her latest book and discovered that some of these characters would appear there. I did enjoy the mystery part, even of I did discover the culprit fairly soon, and I did like Emma and Chris a lot.

The action bits I wasn't as enthusiastic about. I think Rose's writing nowadays is smoother and better at mixing romance, suspense and action. I was annoyed with Megan and that personal aspect of Chris's life but in the end everything went well, mostly because Emma was such a good character.

Good read for a Rose fan who needs a taste of her stories in between books.

Grade: 3.5/5

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