Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Turn My World Upside Down - Maureen Child

Josefina 'Jo' Marconi's world just shifted out of orbit. Both of her sisters are pregnant, she's facing finals in her quest to at last get her college degree, the man who traumatized her in college is running for a Senate seat, and she has to move back into the family home and watch over the boy whose very existence shattered her nice little world. Ten-year-old Jack is the product of an affair her father had while her mother was dying of cancer. Ever since Jo found out about this, she and her father have been walking a wide berth around each other. As if that wasn't enough complication, Cash Hunter--the man known as "The Woman Whisperer"--has moved back to town. He has a reputation: once a woman sleeps with him, she's completely satisfied, and she immediately heads off to save the world. As Jo becomes more and more interested in Cash, she learns that he's determined not to sleep with any woman he wants to stick around--especially not Jo. And Jo becomes just as determined to seduce him and prove that she's the one woman who will stay by his side. Together, Jo and Cash have to teach Jack and each other the true meaning of family and trust.

I have to admit I was a bit worried about reading Jo's book because reading the blurb Cash didn't seem the least bit appealing (woman whisperer???) but I have to give it to Child. Despite a few problems I really enjoyed reading this. In fact it may well be my favourite.

There was a lot going on in this story. Jo's past for one. We finally find out what happened to her that shaped he in who she is today and it is not pretty. While I cheered when she finally dealt with it I am not sure all that bonding is totally believable.

That she is the way she is is what keeps her from forgiving her father as fast as her sisters and what keeps a barrier between her and her half brother Jack. I did like it when she finally addresses those situations and feels free to move on.

Seeing as Jo had so many baggage I really don't think we needed a hero with the same amount of problems but there you go, that what Cash was. I loved how he bonded with Jack and how despite their sparring he and Jo manage a friendships of sorts over the boy. That he was there to support her when she needed was really well done and while I think it took him almost to long to see reason it didn't bother me too much because I knew he would turn up eventually.

I read somewhere that Child is Irish. That is funny because these books feature a very loud and proud Italian family. Sometimes I felt they were a bit too loud and proud but, not being Italian, I hesitate to say if it's overdone or not. That they love each other and fight with and alongside each is a wonderful testament to any family and I couldn't help appreciating that.

Grade: 4/5

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