Tuesday, January 9, 2007

2006 Reading Analysis

Well as Kristie puts it everyone is doing it!
This has made me realise how many of us use Rosario's spreadsheet to keep track of their reads - Amazing!

I have a confession to make before I start though, sometimes I'm lazy and don't fill all the info in. So now there are certain areas where I don't have the correct calculations to share with you. I'm so annoyed with that that I'm making a vow right now of writing down all the info in 2007!

So here we go:

A+ - 0
A - 5
A- - 5
B+ - 24
B - 82
B- - 24
C+ - 13
C - 26
C- - 1
D+ - 0
D - 1
D- - 0
F - 0

I finished all the books but looking at this graphic I believe I have to persevere in my efforts to be more severe when grading.

Yes - 3
No - 159

New-to-me authors: 42

Ever since my TBR reached big proportions I almost never reread. And the rereads I make are usually to make sure some keeper has not lost it's status.

Since I'm fairly new to the romance genre (I've been reading for 5 years now) there are still a lot of new to me authors. I don't read just romance but it was the majority of my reading this year.

Alt. reality/fut./fant.rom - 0
Chick Lit - 2
Erotica - 1
Fantasy/sci fi - 2
Fiction - 1
Mystery - 14
Non Fiction - 4
Paranormal romance - 0
Romantic Suspense - 7
Series Romance - 24
Straight Romance - 105
Time Travel - 0
Trad Regency - 1
Young Adult - 1

This is one of those charts that besides the number of books read not being correct also the percentages are incorrect. I know I read several Trad Regencies this year but I think I classified them as series romance because I was think of categories. Another thing to correct in 2007.

According to my spreadsheet I read 184 books in 2006 but that result is not reflected here either. It's weird but it seems the graphics only tracked 162 books, must check with the expert :-)


  1. Ana, I don't think you should be more severe with your grading, your grade curve seems pretty normal as it is. I mean, if you were picking up books at random, I'd expect a curve that peaks at C, but you're not doing that, you're reading books you've carefully chosen because you think you'll like them. It's to be expected that the curve will peak at a B grade!

    The genre thing, that only has 162, I have just checked, and what happened was that you didn't enter a genre for some books. Take a look there, Devonshire, by Lynne Connolly has no genre, and neither do many other books, like One Little Sin and Two Little Lies, by Carlyle, or Fallen From Grace, by Laura Leone. If you fill those in, the chart should update to 184 automatically.

  2. Thanks Ro, I guess I should have realised I forgot to mention some genres too...

  3. I also keep track in excel, thought that was original ;) I definitely got mocked for it a few times, glad to know I can get some strength in numbers.

    I don´t organize books by genres though I try to keep track of where I bought them, when, how much and books I no longer have. I just did my 2006 counts as well, great minds think alike at the same time ;)

  4. It seems so :-)

    Maybe I should keep track of how much they cost me too, but that might scare me! I have another spreadsheet where I note down where I got them and when I got rid of them...

  5. I did that for awhile but then stopped. I don't want to analyse my reads clincally and to agonize over what grades to give them. After all, I'm reading them for fun and relaxation mostly :-)


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