Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My First Sewing Project

I finally beat the machine into submission last night ;-)

No, I'll confess I was the one not doing things right! After I checked the thread once more I was finally able to work properly.

I decided to start with something easy, so I made a pouch in which the upper part folds thus closing it. Actually now I'm thinking this is more like a pocket wallet but a bit bigger. It's still very much a WIP as I have yet to find a way to close it more firmly (maybe using a button or some velcro) but I've been so excited about this whole thing I decided I just had to share the photos ;-)

Not sure what I will use it for, here it is shown closed and open with a necklace coming out...

I'm quite happy with it although it's my first work and so still rather imperfect. I'm hoping practice will bring perfection ;-)

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