Monday, January 29, 2007

Crazy Like a Fox - Anne Stuart

I’m still rediscovering some of Anne Stuart’s older books and this time I read “Crazy Like a Fox”.

Residing in the attic of the Delacroix family mansion, Peter Andrew Delacroix Jaffrey exerted a powerful fascination on his cousin’s widow.

Margaret Jaffrey had been warned not to trust Peter, that his sad smile hid a dangerous past.

But Margaret had to learn the truth for herself. Was it reckless fantasy that dreamed she could have what was hopelessly out of reach?

Or love’s intuition that drew her to the flame of desire in Peter’s compelling green eyes?

Margaret Jaffrey goes to her late husband’s family for help after she and her daughter find themselves with no money and no home.
The family has some very strange members including a confessed murderer who lives in the attic.

Margaret and Peter feel very attracted to each other but she fears his insanity and possible violent behaviour. We soon find out that the truth is not what it seems…

I quite liked the fact that the action is mostly focused on the two main characters and how they react to their attraction in an emotionally charged atmosphere with many secrets and lies. We are gradually made aware of Peter’s situation and what he went through and it’s given more emphasis to the said gothic atmosphere than to the mystery. Although the mystery could have been an important part of story it’s like the author decided to keep Margaret with her doubts and fears almost till the end.

I really liked it. Stuart is one of the few authors that in my opinion can write really good series stories, meaning shorter but still interesting and multi dimensional plots and characters. A B.


  1. This is one of my favourite AS categories. Peter is a very interesting character, and, to me, not as cold as some other AS heroes.


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