Saturday, March 10, 2007

Four to Score - Janet Evanovich

So I read another Stephanie Plum this week too. And I loughed out loud yet again!

This time Stephanie is looking for Maxine Nowicki. She went missing with her boyfriends car and he made a complaint and had her arrested. When she fails her court hearing Stephanie enters the scene and is hired by the boyfriend to find Maxine and some papers she took. At the same time Maxine starts to leaves a trail of clues for the boyfriend, Eddie, to find and some of her friends and family start being attacked.

In this book Plum adds another character to her group - Sally, a female impersonator is the only one capable of decyphering the clues in form of puzzles Maxine is leaving for Eddie. And finds a new nemesis - Joyce Barnhardt, another female bounty hunter that Vinnie assigns to Maxine's case after seeing no results from Stephanie.
We get to know more about Morelli as Stephanie's house is burned down by an arsonist and she has to move in with him. Besides he has to protect her because she is being threatened by someone telling her to "leave my boyfriend alone", only she doesn't know who the boyfriend is.

This was another hilarious book with lots of very funny scenes. Besides the usual Lula dialogues Sally's description and vocabulary are just too funny. I couldn't stop laughing every time Lula made Joyce have "dizzy spells" and I hope Joyce will show up in future books just so Lula can deal with her.

I think this one is A range because as I'm sitting here writing this I'm laughing out loud just thinking about it.

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