Sunday, April 29, 2007

Which CSI character are you?

Which CSI character are you?
Your Result: You are Sara Sidle

SaraYou are very dedicated to your job, and doing what you feel is just. You are very driven and passionate about everything you do, and you tend to be quite moody. You are brutally honest, and are never afraid to speak your mind. You learn quickly, and are always eager to learn more. You tend to be emotionally unstable at times, but you are strong and usually able to cope with high stress situations. You are often sarcastic, and arent afraid to show how tough you are; although deep down you have a heart of gold. Overall you are witty, passionate, tough, and honest.

You are Greg Sanders
You are Nick Stokes
You are Warrick Brown
You are Gil Grissom
You are Catherine Willows
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