Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Catspaw II - Anne Stuart

I had great fun reading this book. This is an 1988 Harlequin Intrigue and it’s written almost like a movie or a TV series (T. mentioned a sitcom when she loaned it to me). It’s a sequel to Catspaw and although I don’t think I missed much by not having read that one first I have now decided that I must read only if to find if it’s as good as this one.

Ferris Byrd had no intention of marrying a cat burglar. she trusted her fiance', but when news came of jewel robberies in European cities Blackheart had recently visited, she began to wonder. Had he taken to the rooftops again?"

Ferris Byrd is engaged to an ex-cat burglar. Her fear that he has resumed his old profession and his pride in not denying it leads to fight and a broken engagement. But not all is has it seems as someone is trying to frame Blackheart for those robberies and the eventual robbery of some Faberge Eggs from the exhibition he and Ferris are involved with.

I read this book in one sitting. It has some funny situations in an over the top kind of way (like Ferris climbing her own balcony or facing a very dangerous white tiger) and every chapter has the name of an old 50s/60s movie reflecting the chapter’s theme. Actually the whole book could be easily turned into a 50s movie with an cat burglar and a proper miss as main characters and then a set of secondary characters that include some circus artists, a long lost sister, a cop wanting to lock up said cat burglar and a crook politician. I vote on Humphrey Bogart to play Blackheart (and he is actually mentioned in the book). There’s little of Stuart’s dark and brooding heroes in John Patrick and the whole book is really more on the light side.

I really liked the romance between Ferris and John Patrick but also the romance between Dani and McNab. Stuart does have a knack for making really interesting secondary romances

Both this book and the prequel are mentioned in Anne Stuart’s Out OOP Gems page and if they ever reprinted it I would grab a copy immediately. A B+

Side note: The cover picture is really small but it was the best I could find online...


  1. Another unknown author for me, but I just checked out her Ice trilogy and it sounds interesting.

  2. I really like Anne Stuart in all the genres she writes and I must warn you that the ice trilogy is nothing like this book. I've only read the first one yet but I have the second in the TBR already. Let me know if you want to try one and see if you like it :-)

  3. First let me read the other one I borrowed and then we'll talk. :-)
    By the way, I'm reading your BookRing by Evelyn Anthony, if I don't get an answer from the next in line, the book will be returning home.


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