Saturday, August 18, 2007

On Covers

I'm not the kind of person that would buy a book by it's cover. I buy books because they have been recommended by fellow readers, because I like the back blurb or because I already know the author's work but not because of the cover. If you ask me I even think that most of the books I read have very uninteresting, and sometimes ugly, covers.

However I've been really happy with some of the covers I've seen lately, the latest E Chadwich, C. Hern's Merry Widows trilogy and Tracy Grant's Secrets of Lady are very good examples. Although they don't add to my reading they certainly give more credibility to it's contents than cartoon covers... Even if I don't buy because of them they are so much nicer to see on the stands at the bookstores.

And these are all in my wish list! That's why I came up with all these thoughts about covers. What about you, do you buy books because of the cover? Do you have any favourites?


  1. Oh Lady, did you write this post for Oriana and me? We recently chatted about book covers, and how they can sometimes be so gorgeous that we buy the book, blurb unread! We both know, of course, this is a stupid thing to do, thus we vaöiantly try to clean up our BM wishlist and I am sure that your strict and moral posting will, too, help us on staying on the right path.

  2. I don't buy books because of the cover. I think I must have had "Don't judge a book by its cover" drilled into me by my mom. But having a nice cover doesn't hurt... There have been plenty of times that the cover brings the book to my attention, and usually they are books by authors that I wouldn't necessarily looked at.

  3. ah ah ah strict and moral... that's funny! No, I really don't buy books because of the cover but a beautiful cover might tempt me to read the blurb and see if it's interesting.

    So which beautiful books have you bought lately and did you end up enjoying them?

  4. Very good advice your mother gave you Leya ;-)

  5. LOL This is really funny! As Katie said, we talked about this recently.;-)
    I do confess that sometimes I let myself convince by a lovely cover but now I can finally resist them. It's a hard work!:)

    Lately I had the chance to buy 3 books with beautiful covers but they were wishlist books: The Champion, Shadows and Strongholds and The Love Knot all by Elizabeth Chadwick. This woman has always such incredible covers!

  6. Of those you mention I've already read The Champion and the Love Knot. Both are very good!

  7. Normally I don't buy a book because of its cover, what usually happens is I'm drawn to the book because of the cover and after reading the blurb I end up buying it, even if I don't know the author. I remember that happening at least twice, with Camelot's Shadow by Sarah Zettel and The House at Riverton by Kate Morton, both still unread.


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