Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Right Man - Anne Stuart

Half way though this one I realised I had already read it. I didn't remember much so I just went ahead with the reread.

Susan Abbott is almost on the eve of her marriage to her safe and boring fiancé when her godmother sends her a young man to hand deliver a present and witness the festivities. Naturally Susan starts to have doubts about the wedding and feeling more and more attracted to Jake.

I seldom pick up time travels but I didn't remember even that and now I'm sure glad I read it. The TT twist was interesting to give some insight into Susan's godmother and her story and also so Susan would get to know herself better as both stories have similar circumstances. It's written as one of those film noirs from the 40s or the 50s with dark characters, strong men and powerless women, all in a very cynical and nasty world. Of course some women are strong enough to fight and change what is expected of them. It was fun and nice to see her talking with her mother when this one was 9 years old. Actually this part was almost like a story inside another. The tone reminded me of another book by her I read a while ago: One More Valentine.

As usual Stuart creates very interesting secondary characters and there's a subplot about Susan's parents and why they split when she was a child. They are mentioned only briefly but one can see Stuart's trademark characters. And their story must be at least as interesting as Susan and Tallulah's.

One final word to say that it never fails to amaze me how Anne Stuart can write in so many different genres and always good, consistent stories. Even if I'm not too fond of some of them she is one hell of a writer!

Grade: A-

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