Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Christmas books to add to my pile...

It seems it's that time of year again when Christmas books start being announced. It's always a happy occasion for me as I really like Christmas stories - especially regency ones with house parties and fun games - and I start hoarding at Fall to read in December.

Here's some of the titles brought to my attention by Sybil:

A Western Winter Wonderland an anthology with a story by Cheryl St John among others. I've been planning to try her books for quite some time now so this might be the perfect excuse to do so.

An Affair Before Christmas the holiday theme is one of the things that made me put this book in the wish list, the other is to follow the love story of the secondary characters. I've been sadly disappointed with the first book in this series...

And here are some nice short stories to be found online:

The Christmas Wedding Gambit by Jo Beverley

Jane Austen and the Mistletoe Kiss by Jo Beverley

Christmas at Ardmore by Nora Roberts

The Quinn's Christmas by Nora Roberts

Any recommendations you want to share?


  1. Hope you enjoy A Western Winter Wonderland! Thanks for blogging about it. You can see a Flipbook about my story on my blog.

    Cheryl :-)

  2. Thanks, I'm going there now to check it out!

  3. You might want to try This Year It Will Be Different by Maeve Binchy, I'm not one for Christmas stories and this was one that I enjoyed.

  4. Can you believe I never read anything by Binchy? I'll put it on my wish list asap


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