Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm back!!

After a few days of rest and relaxation by the pool or at the beach I'm ready to start working again and to get back to my regular posting!

I've read quite a few books and those reviews I'll post soon but I also devoted some of my time to new projects, to visit some really nice places and taste some really good food!

Our "headquarters" during this week was in Vila Nova de Milfontes were we stayed at Duna Parque. It was nice and cozy and they have enough extras to keep you occupied if you want to stay in the facilities (I was partial to the indoor swimming pool).

Luckily the weather was very good and we not only enjoyed the beach in Milfontes but also in Porto Covo and Zambujeira do Mar.

I took quite a few pictures and I'm trying to organise them with Picasa, since it's my first attempt you'll have to bear with me if they don't show up.

Sitting by the pool

I'm in love with the typical houses of Alentejo

The river Mira

Milfontes as seen from the other side of the river

Our favorite restaurant was the small and traditional Tasca do Celso, here's the original menu

and I ate Açorda de Marisco, it consists basically of bread and schrimps and it's really good!

I'll be posting pictures of Porto Covo and Zambujeira do Mar in the next few days... those were the best beaches around...


  1. Ana, this place looked terrible..really bad!

    Of course, I am only jealous...oh, and joking!

  2. Eh eh I'm afraid my photos don't do it justice. It's one of those villages that still retains it's traditional aspect, even if nowadays is very tourist oriented, and where you can just relax and do nothing at all but lie in the sun and apreciate the landscape...

  3. Vila Nova de Milfontes looks like it stands still in time. It's such a typical place! :-)

  4. Milfontes it's really a wonderful place to relax, take your time and just enjoy the day. You had to post a photo of that açorda!!:P Now I have my mouth watering, you evil woman!;-)
    I love the photos, Ana. They really bring back great memories. Thanks for sharing!


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