Saturday, May 26, 2012

Portuguese Historical Fiction Challenge

 It has been on my mind lately how I read so many books a year and I seldom read portuguese authors or books with a portuguese setting. That has really started to bother me these past few weeks so I have decided that I'm going to challenge myself and read more portuguese authors and portuguese settings. Since my favourite genre is historical fiction and that lately we have seen a lot of new portuguese authors writing in that genre I am going to start a list of with reading suggestions that I plan to read in the near future. Sadly most only have a portuguese edition ( thus the portuguese titles listed) but I'll add english titles if I find translations.

I plan to read 5 titles till the end of the year. They will either be historical fiction written by a portuguese author or set in Portugal. The list is still small but I plan to add to it as I go along. Feel free to suggest titles or join me if you want.

Domingos Amaral - Quando Lisboa Tremeu
Domingos Amaral - Enquanto Salazar Dormia
João Aguiar - A Hora de Sertório
João Aguiar - O Trono do Altíssimo
João Aguiar - A Voz dos Deuses
Deana Barroqueiro - D. Sebastião e o Vidente
Deana Barroqueiro - O Navegador da Passagem
Deana Barroqueiro - Pero da Covilhã I a V
Francisco da Fonseca Benevides - No Tempo dos Francezes
Maria João Lopo de Carvalho - Marquesa de Alorna
Mario de Carvalho - Um Deus Passeando Pela Brisa da Tarde - A God Strolling in the Cool of the Evening: A Novel
Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe e a Defesa de Portugal - Sharpe's Enemy: Richard Sharpe and the Defence of Portugal, Christmas 1812 (Sharpe 15)
João Paulo Oliveira e Costa - O Império dos Pardais
João Paulo Oliveira e Costa - O Cavaleiro de Olivença
João Paulo Oliveira e Costa - Fio do Tempo
Francisco Moita Flores - Mataram o Sidónio
Alvaro Guerra - Razões de Coração
Alvaro Guerra - A Guerra Civil
José Jorge Letria - Mal por Mal, Antes Pombal
Maria JoÃo Martins Pardal e Ezequiel Passos Marinho - A Comenda Secreta
Paulo Moreiras - O Ouro do Corcunda
José Norton - Juliana, Condessa de Stroganoff
José Norton - O Ultimo Távora
Pilar Queralt del Hierro - Inês de Castro
José Rodrigues dos Santos - Codex 632 - Codex 632: The Secret of Christopher Columbus: A Novel
José Saramago - A Viagem do Elefante - The Elephant's Journey
José Saramago - Memorial do Convento - Baltasar and Blimunda
José Saramago - O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo - The Gospel According to Jesus Christ
Isabel Stilwell - Filipa de Lencastre
Isabel Stilwell - Catarina de Bragança
Isabel Stillwell - D. Maria II, Tudo por Um Reino
Miguel Sousa Tavares - Equador - Equator
Susana Torrão - Anjos na Guerra
Robert Wilson -O Ultimo Acto em Lisboa - A Small Death in Lisbon
Katherine Vaz - Mariana - Mariana

Books read:

  1.  O Segredo da Bastarda - Cristina Norton
  2. A Small Death in Lisbon - Robert Wilson
  3. Codex 632 - José Rodrigues dos Santos


  1. This seems interesting! I might actually join! João Paulo Oliveira e Costa has another book, Fio do Tempo, which tells the memories of one survivor of the conquest of Ceuta. And the author Deana Barroqueiro has books set in the time of the Discoveries, if I'm not mistaken.

  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I'm going to add them to my list :-)

    Feel free to join, I would love to have company!

  3. I´ve read a lot of yeras ago the Cafe Trilogy by Alvaro Guerra. Cafe Central, Cafe Republica and Cafe 25 de Abril. The action revolves around a coffee shop, always the same, but its name changes according to the political changes as well and so do the characters and their lives.

  4. Marta, I've read the other two I listed by him but not those you mention. I must admit I prefer older periods. I plan to reread those two and make a proper review...

  5. I've already signed up to too many challenges this year, but this one sounds very interesting.

    I suggest "O Guardião de Livros" by Cristina Norton which I read last year.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll add it to the list. This is an informal challenge, no pressure on completing it. :-)

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  7. I can't read Portuguese as well as I should but I'd like to give this a try. I would recommend this amazing book in English for those interested: Barnacle Love by Anthony Da Sa

  8. Would these count:

    1. Serena,
      Sorry for the late reply. Readings and reviews in english are fine.
      Thanks for the suggestion of Barnacle Love, I'll add it to my WL.
      Those titles you mention are excellent. They are on my TBR pile too.

  9. Dear Ana T:
    I saw your blog, today, for the first time, and I was moved by your decision to read portuguese authors, and historical novels about Portugal. And I'm so grateful for being the third writer of your choice! I hope you love my books and I would like very much to receive your feedback about them. If you allow me one suggestion, before Pêro da Covilhã (I-V - are my saga of this portuguese spy), read O Navegador da Passagem, about Bartolomeu Dias, which can provide you with a very detailed context of the time and life of King João II.
    Thank you ever so much!
    Your grateful author
    Deana Barroqueiro

    1. Dear Ms Barroqueiro, thanks for visiting. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your books on my next bookstore visit and I'll keep that in mind about O Navegador da Passagem.

      I'll let you know when I read it.


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