Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January's Rereading Challenge

A. challenged me to reread some of my old favorites during January as we keep talking of doing that but never really getting around to it. I decided to take it seriously this time and this month I plan to reread the following books:

1 - Dreaming of You - Lisa Kleypas
2 - The Devil In Winter - Lisa Kleypas
3 - Dark Desire - Christine Feehan
4 - Yorkshire - Lynne Connolly
5 - Texas Splendor - Lorraine Heath
6 - The Duke and I - Julia Quinn
7 - This is All i Ask - Lynn Kurland
8 - Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

Wish me luck!!


  1. I keep on hearing good things about Lynne Connellys books but they seem to be pretty hard to find.

  2. Good luck! Although with that list, it shouldn't be a hardship - just a matter of time, ah?

  3. Marg,
    I bought Yorkshire from Bookdepository. I think it was reprinted last year.

    You are right! It's no hardship to reread old favorites ;-)

  4. Thanks Ana. I will look there! Have you read the other Richard and Rose books?

  5. Yes I also have the second one, the old edition. I'm hoping the whole series will be reprinted soon as I haven't read the others...


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