Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Regency Christmas VIII - Anthology

This was the last Christmas book I read in 2007. I still have a few in the TBR pile but maybe I'll save them for next Christmas.

In Barbara Metzger's THREE GOOD DEED three boys who are trying to make up for having broken one of the church's windows have to do 3 good deeds and end up matching their widowed mother with her childhood love. A B.

In Elisabeth Fairchild's FELICITY'S FORFEIT we almost have a big misunderstanding story. A ruined lord has to marry for money and doesn't realise the woman he is falling in love with is an american heiress so he tries to avoid her. The american accent that was written down as it sounded annoyed me a bit as I almost had to read out loud to understand at time. A C+.

In Allison Lane's SECOND CHANCE I felt the story had potential but having it hanging on one or two big misunderstandings was a bit too much in my view. And it was too obvious why Alice had to marry in a hurry. A C+

In Carla Kelly's THE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT we have a really sweet story about two parents who decide to match up their children and how the said children fall in love with each other but seem to have problems actually talking about it. A B+.

In Edith Layton's HOUNDS OF HEAVEN a dog brings a Lord and his loved one together after she first refuses his proposal believing he wont be faithful. It was my favorite story and I must say I'm really curious to know if Layton's wrote the other dogs's stories. It's a litter of 4 and we only know about 2 of them... An A.

Grade: B

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