Monday, April 28, 2008

The Cockermouth Mail - Dinah Dean

Was she a fool to believe in miracles?
Miss Dorcas Minster waas penniless and without prospects. She had no choice but to acept a position as governess in Cockermouth, a remote town in the English Lake District.

Resolved to make the best of her bleak future, Dorcas was not surprised when the stage-coach she was travelling in was waylaid by an accident. She and her fellow passengers were forced to seek refuge in a nearby inn. So much did she enjoy the assorted company, the she found herself wishing to be stranded forever.

One passenger in particular, the dashing Colonel, Sir Richard Severall, was of special interest to Dorcas. And it seemed as if she was of special interest to him. Date had delivered her into the hands of love. If only she could be certain Sir Richard returned her affection.

Another traditional regency this time from a new to me author - Dinah Dean.

I'm very happy to say that I found it an enjoyable read too. It's true that it's a bit different from what we are usually used to in a regency but I found it very refreshing to know about the lives of common people who have to work and travel by coach instead of the usual debutante versus the nobleman.

Well Sir Richard Severall is maybe not so common but he is unable to use his own coach so he finds himself travelling in the passengers coach where he finds Dorcas Minster, a young lady fallen on hard times and whose father Sir Richard knew. Their attraction is mutual from the beginning and it's very interesting to see how two people get together while respecting society's rules and still behaving in a very proper manner. I liked how Sir Richard woo Dorcas by getting to know her and lending assistance when needed (ok and stealing a kiss or two) and how she fought to maintain a proper and dignified behaviour even when she was terribly worried about going to work as a governess in an unknown house. The whole book revolves about them and their relationship with each other and the other passengers as they are first closed together in the coach and after an accident with the coach closed together in an inn where they spend Christmas.

It's a sweet old fashioned romance that I very much enjoyed reading!

Grade: 4/5

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